Mrs. Sartin-Williams
McComb High School Business Education

Basic Code: Begin writing your HTML tags by creating your document's basic layout. Copy and paste this code into your text or HTML editor.

<title>Your Page Title</title>
This area will contain everything that will be visible through a web browser, such as text and graphics. All of the information will be HTML coded.

Create Your Own Web Page using NotePad and Internet Explorer
Create your own single Web page as a starting point for a larger Web site project. Ideally in time, you will create an entire site you can use as a portfolio piece.
  1. Brainstorming. Begin by brainstorming a favorite topic of yours. Keep it school-appropriate. Choose something that you find very interesting.
  2. Here are your pages:
  3. Rough Draft Write a rough draft of the text for your site:
  4. Your favorite company.
  5. Your favorite hobby or sport.
  6. Your biography. (About Me)
  7. Your family.
  8. Your culture.
  9. Your favorite holiday.
  10. Your favorite academic or historic subject.
  11. Your own movie or game reviews.
  12. Your opinions on current world events.
  13. Your take on celebrity news.
  • At least six paragraphs of information that can be classified into several headings.
  • In your own words. Cite any sources you use.
  • Check your spelling and grammar.

Your pages must include the following:
  • A logical <title> element.
  • Several heading tags logically used (i.e. h1 for page heading, h2 for second-level headings, etc.).
  • A minimum of 3 paragraphs of interesting information in your own words.
  • A bulleted or numbered list.
  • Links to sites with more information.
  • At least one image.
  • At least one image/logo which is a link to another site.
  • Color text; background
  • Alignment tags
  • +10 more tags each

  1. Create a folder in My Documents called lastname_site, where lastname is your own last name.
  2. Make a new websitename.html in Notepad, and save it inside your lastname_site folder.
  3. Start by typing in the basic HTML skeleton. +10 more tags
  4. Complete the coding of the Web page according to the Requirements listed above and your outline.
  5. Save and test the pages frequently as you work.

Helpful Websites: