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Personal Finance allows the student to explore personal financial decision-making. It also helps individuals use skills in money management, record-keeping, banking, and investing. The course accomplishes this by the study of basic concepts involving economics, insurance, banking, credit, stocks and bonds, and other related topics through the use of business research tools and technological resources. Activities will include preparation of budgets, consumer skills, checking accounts, investment applications, comparison-shopping, advertising research, standard of living analysis, and comparison of housing options.

Personal Finance Students: You must pass seven missions from! Good Luck!

Personal Finance MS Business & Technology Framework

Book Assignments from Managing Your Personal Finances

Comp. No.
Chapters from Managing Your Personal Finances
Consumer Awareness

Student Work Sample fraudulent and deceptive
marketing practices:

Chapters 28 - 30

Homework: Bring in advertisement/coupon.

What is a consumer?
One that consumes, especially one that acquires goods or services for direct use or ownership rather than for resale or use in production and manufacturing.

Internet Research; "The Productivity Tree"

Chapter 8
Banking Services

Chapter 9
Student Work Sample Financial Institutions of McComb:

Credit Pretest
Chapters 16 - 19

Money, Stocks, & Bonds
Chapters 10 - 13
Chapters 25 - 27
Taxes, Personal Finance, Payroll
Chapters 6 - 8


Read the PowerPoint presentations and take the following quizzes from the following Business Math website. Chapter 4 banking, 10 payroll, 12 credit, 18 insurance, 19 taxes, 21 stocks and bonds.

Read the PowerPoint presentations and take the following quizzes from the following Personal Finance website. Chapter 6 credit, 7 loans, 9 - 10 insurance, 13 stocks.


College Research Project
Attention Students!!! You must make effort to complete this project. Use Microsoft Word or PowerPoint to compile the following information. *Insert hyperlinks back to sources and insert pictures/print screens (ctrl+prntscrn) where possible.

Intro: Name of College/University
Why did you pick the university?
What are your first and second choices for majors?

Getting in: What are the admissions requirements? (ACT, SAT, GPA, placement test…)
What is the application process (fees, essays, recommendations)?

What are your degree requirements?
What classes are available on-line?
What is the difference in a BA vs. BS? Does your major allow for a BA or BS or what?
What GPA do you need in order to graduate for your major?
Where can you receive help (tutoring) on campus for free?
(Insert Link)Show a check-list of all required courses and electives you plan to take.

Post College
What specifically will you do with your degree?
What is the average base salary and overall salary for someone in your profession?
What job placement opportunities does your university offer?
Does you major also aid in the interviewing process, how?

What are the universities tuition rates?
What are other possible expenses (lab, books, meal plans…)?
What is the difference between loans and grants?Where can you find out about financial aid (on-campus & on-line)?
When and how often do you have to apply for financial aid?

Living Expenses
Where do you plan to live? What are your living expenses?
Do you know whom you will live with and if not how you get to know this person?
What jobs are available for you as a student?
Are there conditions for underclassmen to live on campus for a certain number of years?

Social opportunities: **What social activities are offered? (Fraternities, Sororities, Clubs…)