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"(entrepreneur) someone who organizes a business venture and assumes the risk for it."

MHS Entrepreneurship Spring 2014 Syllabus
Teacher: Desiree Sartin Room: 312 Dance Room MHS: 601.684.5678
School E-mail: **** Website: ****
What is Entrepreneurship?
Entrepreneurship is designed to equip students with introductory skills, which help prepare them to organize and run a business. Business terminology, basic entrepreneurship concepts, and fundamental operating principles are emphasized. Through this course, students are involved with activities such as developing market plans and applying global economic concepts. They will analyze supply and demand and understand how it affects price and profit. They will also learn to calculate operational expenses in determining profit. Finally, they will be exposed to ethical problems related to the workplace and discuss solutions for some of these problems.

  1. Identify characteristics of a successful entrepreneurship.
  2. Develop a marketing plan by applying economic concepts for a legitimate business.
  3. Apply economic concepts in an entrepreneurial venture; analyze customer groups and develop a plan to identify, reach, and keep customers in a specific target market.
  4. Develop a management plan for an international entrepreneurial venture.
  5. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of possible locations for a planned business.
  6. Describe how an entrepreneurial venture can be affected by cultural differences.
  7. Describe how the legal system affects a business.

Class Rules
  1. Form good class habits such as bell work, saving work to the O: drive, keeping pace, citing your work!
  2. Do not talk loud; do not talk at all while I am talking
  3. Stay in your ASSIGNED seat
  4. If you need to speak to a classmate move quickly and quietly to their seat and RETURN to your seat.
  5. Do not use your devices in class
  6. Save to the O: drive
  7. Log-off before leaving class
  8. Do not vandalize the equipment, tables, mouse pads, chairs
  9. Push chairs under when leaving
  10. Clean up after yourself

Required Materials
Pencils & Blue Pens
1 Pocket Folder (Very important!!!) Must place all assignments in your folder. *I will not grade handwritten assignments unless they are properly filed!

Assignments, Saving, & Submitting Assignments
  1. Save to the O: drive; include your name & name of assignment as filename (read instructions- whatever I named it that is what you should name it!)
  2. All PowerPoint Presentations will have to have at least 6 slides and no more than 10 slides to get full credit. CITE YOUR WORK!!!
  3. Email every, single thing you do to & post on your wikispaces page.
    1. Always include a subject in your emails!
    2. Include name of assignment, your name, and class period in the body of the e-mail.
  4. If you have to write a paragraph it is always 5 – 8 sentences.
  5. If you have to write 1-full page it should be one full page typed; 2x; 12 pt. font or 1-full page neatly written.
  6. If you have to write an essay it should have an outline and 5 paragraphs: intro with thesis, 3 body paragraphs, & conclusion. Properly cited!

Grade Distribution
90 – 100: A 80 – 89: B 70 – 79: C 60 – 69: D 0 – 59: F
*Students will receive a “1” (one) for cheating and will not have a possibility to make-up the grade.

PowerPoint Presentations for Worksheets.

Online Textbook:
Students, you are responsible for reading all chapter overviews and taking all chapter quizzes. There are 15 chapters. Take 2 - 3 quizzes a week.
Entrepreneurship Quiz Success Magazine
Reality Check

Small Business & Entrepreneurship E-book Directory
Entrepreneurship| Hands on Banking

Utah Marketing Education: Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Games/Enrichment Activities:

Kids Money Games Online:
Use Google to look for information on high school entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship assignments, activities, games, etc.