Desiree Sartin
McComb High School
Business Education
Course Description: Desktop Publishing offers students the opportunity to use keyboarding and word processing skills in the production of attractive documents such as flyers, letterheads, business cards, report covers, and newsletters. Graphic design and page layout techniques are emphasized. Students will produce attractive documents that effectively use and display proper desktop publishing strategies.

MS B&T Curriculum Framework & Objectives:
1.Demonstrate an understanding of desktop publishing concepts. (C, IT)

2.Demonstrate proficiency in importing, formatting, and positioning text. (C, IT)

3.Demonstrate proficiency in the use of graphic images. (C, CO, IT)

4.Demonstrate the ability to apply desktop publishing concepts. (C, CO, IT)

5.Produce attractive desktop published documents and projects. (C, CO, IT, MK)

6.Demonstrate and apply knowledge of legal and ethical aspects associated with desktop publishing. (B, C, CO, EN, M, MK, IT)

Online Textbook/PowerPoints/Quizzes:

Daily Bellwork & Activities:

1.Timed writing with a goal of 50 words per minute:

2.Daily writing prompt:

3.Type it! Current Events Worksheet from


5.Enrichment Activities:

Turn the computer into your own personal tool! Desktop Publishing is a course in which students design and develop publications by combining text, graphics, and design elements. This course provides students the opportunity to be creative and develop critical thinking and decision-making skills. Projects range from simple to more complex applications including newsletters, raffle tickets, brochures, game boards, house plans, etc.

What is a Desktop Publisher?

Go to
to search for the job characteristics of a desktop publisher.

Answer the following questions on a piece of paper; and submit to teacher. (Take about 15 minutes)
  1. What is the pay per year and per hour?
  2. Number of jobs in 2010?
  3. What do Desktop Publishers do?
  4. What type of documents do Desktop Publishers design?
  5. Why will the Job Outlook decline from 2010 - 2020?
  6. Click on the Similar Occupations link. What are 5 of 7 similar occupations?
  7. What are the job duties of a Graphic Designer?

Make a name tag - please visit Make sure that they are legible and do not extend paste the computer monitor.

Mrs. Sartin's DTP PowerPoint:

Assignments & Activities

*Recreating a stop sign, a yield sign, a speed limit sign, a wrong way sign, a car - along with some background designs, and a face of a human. street signs.

Magazine Project. After the techniques have been mastered then you will complete the magazine ad.

If time permits then you may advance onto the American Flag American Flag assignment - you will notice will need to create 50 stars that are equally in size and equally spaced apart - use your skills and copy and paste multiple the stars along using your ruler guides. Your 13 stripes must also be the same size along with being equally spaced. When you are finished it must not be an insult to our country.

McComb High School spirit coupons

Let's explore some wonderful tutorials!
Re-creating logos, etc.

Game board assignment

You will be creating the word DREAM and then one other word of your choice - please cut out the design and place it on the wall outside my classroom.

Today plan on completing the Art Museum Exhibit Brochure. You may decide as to what desktop publishing software that you would like to use.

Let's challenge ourselves and see who can recreate a product label as close as possible. You may bring in any product, maybe a soda, gum package, candy bar, etc. Share your creations then compare and contrast the different desktop publishing software packages that are available to use in today's world.

Additional Assignments:
House PlansBrochuresWebsitesTable TentsPostcardsCertificatesPhoto EditorAdvertisementsGraduation invitationsEmployment Application
Business CardsGame BoardsMagazine Reply CardsBookmarksPostersDoor HangersNewslettersCardsRaffle ticketsCalendarMenu

Check out this site - you can create your own font with your handwriting
A great site for on-line tutorials for Adobe InDesign and other products.
Free templates:
Check this site out . . .
Click here for your game board assignment. . .Play This
Click here for your Olympic Assignment . . .Olympic newsletter

Some Activities Are:
Mind Puzzles Brainteaser Word Picture Puzzles Series, NIEHS Kids Page
More puzzles USAWEEKEND Magazine (mind puzzles)