Desiree Sartin
MHS Business Education

Career Assessment Quiz

Communications in Business is designed to enable the student to communicate in a clear, concise, and correct manner on personal and professional levels. By incorporating critical-thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving skills into this course, the student is better able to communicate. Students will learn the importance of verbal and non-verbal communications. They will learn to write letters and participate in interviews. Proper business etiquette and human relation skills will be stressed. The course will help the individual student gain a vital skill that is needed in today’s world.

Online textbook: Read/Review all PowerPoints and Chapter Quizzes

Complete the following chapters during the same week; as the information is on the same topics:

Chapters 1 - 3: Communicating Effective, In teams, Interculturally

Chapters 4 - 6: Planning, Writing, Completing Messages

Chapters 7 - 9: Routine, Negative, Persuasive Messages

Chapters 10 - 11: Finding, Evaluating, Processing, Communicating Information

Chapters 12 -14: Planning, Writing, Completing Proposals

Chapters 15 - 16: Planning, Writing, Completing, Enhancing Presentations

Chapters 17 - 18: Building Careers & Writing Resumes; Applying & Interviewing for Employment

Job Applications: